LT1 vs. LT2: Can I fit my older Xtracycle accessories to my newer Xtracycle bike or Leap Kit?

With every new iteration of Xtracycle accessories, we are always looking to improve upon our products thus there are some difference between current year and past year accessories and compatibility. This article will outline how older LT1 accessories can work with our newer bikes and kits designed for LT2. The following topics are covered:

  1. What does LT1 and LT2 mean?
  2. LT1 vs. LT2 V-Racks
  3. U-Tubes/Running Boards/WideLoaders
  4. KickBack
  5. Bags/WheelSkirts
  6. SideCar
  7. PorterRack/PorterPack

1. What does LT1 and LT2 mean?

Our original accessory line is referred to as "Longtail 1" or LT1. LT1 accessories attached with tool-free attachment system that used brass spring pins. You would push in the pin and that pin would spring back out once the holes aligned with the frame when being installed. The horizontal LT1 Hooptie rails also attached to the brackets on the frame in this way. The current LT2 attachment system debuted with our 2015-2016 Edgerunner bikes and is the system still in use on our most recent bikes. The LT2 system no longer uses spring pins but instead uses bolts and welded bosses on the bike frame and Hooptie bracket. These bolts screw into the bosses on the bike frame or Hooptie brackets and through to the accessory. This offers an ideal mode of attachment. 

2. V-Racks

While the LT2 system changed the way that the V-Racks and FlightDeck attach to each other, the vertical tubes on the bike into which the V-Racks fit on the bike frame are exactly the same for the LT1 and LT2 systems, and in both cases RackLocks can be used to secure the V-Racks to the frame. This means that if you have older LT1 V-Racks, decks, and passenger accessories, they can be fitted to your newer Edgerunner, Cargo Node, or Leap.

What is the difference between LT1 and LT2 V-racks? LT1 V-racks are a solid, smooth continuous silver colored tube with no bosses on them. This requires Superhooks to attach the FlightDeck to the V-racks because there was otherwise no means to attach the FlightDeck. The LT2 All-In-One V-racks are the same shape of the LT1 V-racks but they include bosses along the tubing and metal tabs on the horizontal bars for Hooptie installation. The LT2 FlightDeck no longer uses Superhooks but instead uses bolts that bolt through the deck onto the V-rack. When using a Yepp Adapter, the adapters also use bolts to attach to the V-racks (these bolts go through the FlightDeck before they screw into the V-racks). The LT2 V-racks come in silver (24D, 11i, 8e), black (27D, 30D, 10E, Leap, Cargo Node), or blue (the retired 9e).

What bikes came with what racks?
LT1 V-racks: FreeRadical kit, Radish, Cargo Joe, EdgeRunner model year 2015 and prior years (24D)
LT2 All-In-One V-racks: EdgeRunner model year 2016 and forward (24/27/30D, 11i, 8/9/10e), Leap kit, Cargo Node

This table outlines the accessory compatibility of different rack and deck setups: 

3. U-Tubes/Running Boards/WideLoader

LT1 U-Tubes and previous horizontal platform accessories (wooden RunningBoards and Footsies, WideLoaders) had a tool-free attachment method using spring pins. In designing the LT2 system we replaced the spring pins with screws that thread into welded-on bosses on the Xtracycle frame. Edgerunner U-Tubes have an adjustable width with two settings. Leap kits use Leap-specific U-Tubes which are not width adjustable.  This means that in their stock form, LT-1 U-Tubes, Wideloaders, and RunningBoards are not compatible with newer LT2 bikes and kits. However, it may be possible to modify these LT-1 accessories to fit newer bikes by changing their length and removing the spring pins so the screws can pass through.

This chart outlines what U-tubes will fit on what bike models:


4. KickBack

The KickBack centerstand has undergone many revisions in our quest to bring our customers the best KickBack possible. There is the KickBack 1, KickBack 2 and coming summer of 2017, the KickBack 3. Here is how they differ:

  • KickBack 1 (or LT1 KB): The KB1 axis point attaches to the KickBack axles (included with each LT1 KB), U-tubes (which would not require the axles), RunningBoards or WideLoader where they attach to the bike frame. It pivots on this axis. It has an external bungee cord to retract it. This KickBack is not compatible with LT2 bikes. 
  • KickBack 2 (or LT2 KB): The KB2 has its own dedicated attachment points on the frame and features an internal retraction spring. It does not use the U-tubes as an axis point. It can only be installed on LT2 bikes with the attachment plate. 
  • KickBack 3 (or LT3 KB): The KB3 is compatible with all Xtracycle bikes and kits. It attaches to the actual frame and has an external spring. It does not use the U-tubes as an axis point. When using with a FreeRadical kit/Radish/Cargo Joe, you will need a Radaptor for a proper fit. 

5. Bags/WheelSkirts

There have been many different versions of Xtracycle bags. As long as your older bags can fit the V-Racks and have enough adjustability to tension over the Xtracycle frame, then they should work well. If you are using the same V-Racks you have previously used with your bags, you should be fine.

Some versions of the X1 Bag featured closed loops that slipped over the LT1 V-Racks; these will not work with LT2 V-Racks because they will not pass over the brazed-on deck mounting blocks. Furthermore, some versions of the X1 bags and CarryAll bags were specific to the shorter V-Racks on Edgerunners, and will not work on Leap kits with rear wheels larger than 20". Curious if your bags will work a specific bike? Shoot us an email at with a picture of your bags and what bike you want to transfer them to and we can let you know if they will work. 

6. SideCar

The SideCar installs into the U-tube frame mounts using an expanding quill stem. This means it can be installed on a LT1 bike, LT2 bike, or CargoNode with no modifications needed.

The SideCar can fit on a Leap but a few simple modifications would be required. An article detailing this process can be found here. If you do not have the available tools or skills to make this modification, a local bike shop could surely help. 

7. PorterRack/PorterPack

The PorterRack can only be mounted on bikes that have the PorterRack mounts. These bikes include most of the bikes after 2015 but not all of them. To see if your bike has these mounts, look on the front headtube of the bike frame. If there are 4 large welded bosses (2 above the Xtracycle head badge and 2 below), as shown here, your bike can accomdate the PorterRack. If your bike does not have these bosses, it will not work and we are not aware of any way to retro a bike without these mounts. An option for a front rack for non-PorterRack compatible bike frames would be a fork mounted style front rack. 

The PorterPack was made specifically for the PorterRack. We are not aware of any other front rack that will accommodate this front bag.

Have an accessory we didn't mention here and still unsure if it will fit or not? Shoot us an email at and we'll help you out! 

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  • 06-Mar-2018