Which size Edgerunner should I get?

With any bicycle purchase, choosing the right size of bike to match the rider's size is key to making the bike comfortable, efficient, and safe to ride. This article will give you guidelines for choosing which size Edgerunner is right for you and your family.  

If you are lucky enough to live close to one of our awesome dealers, the absolute best way of choosing a size is to visit the dealer and test ride both sizes to feel for yourself which is right for you. However, if you don't have a dealer nearby and/or need more information, read on.

In short, here is what size frame will fit what size rider:

2017 EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic

The newer 2017 EdgeRunner models have one frame size. The only difference in the frame sizes is the length of the handlebar stem and seat tube (and the Swoop has a lower step-over height). These are the recommended sizes for riders based on rider height for the Swoop and Classic

Small is best for riders: 4'10" - 5'4"

Medium is best for riders: 5'4" - 5'10"

Large is best for riders: 5'10" - 6'4"

EdgeRunner E, i and D models

The E, i and D EdgeRunner models have two frame sizes: Small/Medium (S/M) and Medium/Large (M/L). The difference in the S/M and M/L frame is that the M/L frame was taller and longer. 

Small / Medium is best for riders: 4'10" - 5'4"

Medium / Large is best for riders: 5'4" - 5'10" 

Here's some more nitty gritty details about bike fit:

What makes a bike fit right?

There are two elements of proper bike fit: (1) proper seat height and (2) a comfortable reach to the handlebars. These are the criteria you should think about when deciding whether any bike will fit you right. 

elements of fit

The proper seat height for any given rider is directly related to the length of the rider's legs (and thus height), and is pretty easy to find. The proper seat height should allow you to achieve roughly 80% leg extension at the bottom of the pedal stroke. The saddle shouldn't be so high that your knee can lock out, but neither should it be low enough that your knee is overly bent at the bottom of the stroke.  (An experienced bicycle professional can be valuable in helping you determine your proper seat height). You don't want to fudge too much on your seat height. Riding with the saddle too high or too low for your leg length will make riding significantly harder, cause undue pain, and can even lead to injury.  

Once you have the seat height properly set, the second criteria comes into play: at correct seat height, can you comfortably reach the handlebars? This criteria is less cut and dry than seat height. Generally, as riders get taller, they tend to prefer bars that are farther away from the seat, but there's a much broader range of workable reaches than seat heights for a given rider.

Edgerunner sizing is flexible!

edgerunner frame

Since the Edgerunner was designed from the start as a family bike, we anticipated that it would be ridden by more than one member of the family, and need to accommodate different sized riders with one bike. Because of this, the frame sizes can accommodate riders anywhere from 4'10' up to 6'4" or more, and each size can accommodate riders that vary in height by as much as a foot. Edgerunners achieve this flexibility by using a short seat tube length and long seatpost, allowing for a wide range of seat heights with a single frame.

In addition to this ability to vary greatly in seat height, we also designed the Edgerunner such that varying the seat height also varies the reach, making it more likely that both key elements of bike fit can be achieved without compromise. Because of the rearward sloping angle of the seat tube, as the seat gets higher, it is also getting further away from the handlebars. A short rider with a lower seat height will be closer to the handlebars than a tall rider with a higher seat. This means that even on the smaller bike, taller riders can mostly likely achieve a comfortable reach to the handlebars and not feel too cramped up.  

What are the differences between the Edgerunner sizes?

The EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic frames are the same size (aside from step-over height). The difference in bike sizes is large sizes come with longer seat tube and handlebar post. 

The EdgeRunner E, i and D models are available in two sizes, listed by their seat tube length: a Small/Medium size with a 16.5" seat tube length, and a Medium/Large size with an 19" seat tube length.  The larger size will generally be taller across the board: the seat can go higher, the top tube (the part of the frame closest to you as you straddle the bike) will be higher, and front of the frame (which determines handlebar height) will be higher.  In addition to the differences in height, the front of frame is longer on the larger bikes, increasing the horizontal distance between the seat and the handlebars. 

Our recommendation is to choose the size of Edgerunner for which all riders in your family are in the workable range for that size. If one rider will ride the bike more than others, pick the size for which that rider is within the ideal range, such that the bicycle fits better for the more common rider. Note that some riders might fit equally well on both sizes of the bike, specially in the 5'6" to 5'8" range.  

Side note: Nothing about the cargo or passenger carrying features of the Edgerunner varies between the two sizes of frame.  The size of the rear deck, its height, bag capacity, and accessory compatibility is exactly the same.  On the models designed to fit the PorterRack, both sizes can fit the rack equally well.  Both frame sizes also share the same size wheels: a 26"(559mm) front wheel and a 20"(406mm) rear wheel.  

Adjusting the reach

Once you've decided on a frame size and have gotten your seat height dialed in, you may find it helpful to adjust the reach to the handlebars. Our advice here is to trust your body, but don't overthink it. If things feel good and you can ride the bike as is without issue, then it fits right.  If you feel like you're stressing part of your body too much or are experiencing pain while riding, think about adjusting your reach.  This can be accomplished by changing the height of the handlebar stem or swapping to a different stem with a different angle and/or length.  Again, an experienced local bike shop can help here.  

Help! I don't fit an Edgerunner!

If you are significantly below 4'10" or above 6'4", chances are it'd be a stretch to fit on an Edgerunner for you. If that's the case, you may consider finding a standard mountain or city bike that fits you well and then converting into a longtail cargo bike using the Leap bolt-on kit. Smaller riders may also consider the Cargo Node, a folding cargo bike that we make in collaboration with Tern Bicycles.  Its smaller wheels and low frame make it easier for smaller riders to fit.  

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