Registering your Xtracycle

You've done the research. You've taken your test ride. You've purchased your Xtracycle (and/or some stellar accessories) and have joined the cargo biking family with your new cargo bike! Awesome!

Don't forget the last step in the buying process. Ya gotta register your new Xtracycle, kit and/or accessories! So head on over to:

While there are numerous benefits to registering, two of the biggest are getting warranty coverage and us having your serial number on file. If your bike ever goes missing but you forgot to jot your serial digits down, we can look them up for you which can be super helpful in getting your Xtracycle back. We also get emails here and there from folks who have found a stolen Xtracycle. If this ever happens with your precious ride, we will be able to look up the bike, see your contact into, and give you a ring to help reunite you with your wheels. 

Other registration benefits include: being able to receive emails with product updates, recalls, and tips; warranty extension on certain products; and getting a chance to share your thoughts about your purchase experience.

Have further questions about registering your Xtracycle bike, kit or accessories? Shoot us an email at!