Leap FAQs

What is the Xtracycle Leap?
The Leap converts virtually any adult bike into a longtail cargo bike capable of carrying almost anything: passengers, groceries, or anything else you dream up.

What is the Xtracycle Leap rack made out of?
The Leap is made out of steel, and is exceptionally strong and torsionally rigid.

Will the Leap work on my bike?

The Leap will work on most adult bikes. Please download the compatibility guide for more details.

Are there multiple versions of the Leap for different wheel sizes?

The Xtracycle Leap fits bikes with wheels of many sizes. For more information see our article Wheel sizes for Leap Conversion.

Can I ride this off road and/or use touring?
Yes, the Leap is great for both!

Does the Leap work with Xtracycle's child-carrying accessories?
Yes! The Leap is compatible with all Xtracycle family accessories including the Hooptie, Leap U-Tubes, and Magic Carpet.

Can I put a child seat on the rack?
Yes! The Xtracycle Leap is compatible with Yepp Maxi EasyFit child seats. You'll need to get the Yepp Kids Seat Adapters.

How do the Xtracycle CarryAll bags work?
There are two ways the CarryAll bags work to carry things. The capacious cargo bay allows you to store almost anything, while the FreeLoader sling allows you to strap on bulky or awkward items like gardening tools, long boxes and surfboards.

If you're familiar with the Xtracycle X2 cargo bags, these new CarryAll bags are very similar. However, they have an improved and simplified attachment system and freeloader sling.

What can I carry in the Xtracycle CarryAll bags?
Almost anything! Your imagination is the only limit. Coolers, camp chairs, computer monitors, flowers, groceries, etc.

Are the Xtracycle CarryAll bags waterproof?

What is the KickBack?
It’s the world’s best dual-legged kickstand, featuring independently adjustable legs and a modular width. It’s super stable, even when the bike is loaded.

How can I adjust the width of the KickBack kickstand?
It’s designed so that standard bar ends can clamp onto the legs, allowing you to increase its width and stability.

Does the Leap work with the Xtracycle SideCar?
Yes, it does!

Is the chain extension included with the Leap kits?

The Leap kits don’t include the chain extension because there are so many different types of chain that vary greatly in price, speeds. We do have optional Leap length specific chain extensions available on the product page.

I’d like to use V-brakes or cantilever brakes on my Leap. Is this possible?

We would ultimately love to have an adaptable V-brake option. For now, we're launching with disk compatible only. Luckily, It is easy to purchase new or used rear disk-compatible wheels. Alternately, you could also have brake posts welded on by a local frame builder/metal shop.

Does the Leap support 20" wheels?

Yes, a 20" 135 O.L.D. rear disk wheel will fit. Currently we don't have experience with this type of install - a good place to start might be a bike that came natively with a rear 20" wheel like the Cannondale Hooligan. Other modifications would likely be required.

If I want to take my 26" mountain bike and put the Leap on, but convert the rear wheel to 20", would there be any issues with that?

Currently, we don't have a ready solution. If everything else is kept the same, a 3"+ drop will change geometry, deck slope, steering, etc.

Is the angle of the cargo deck shown on www.xtracycle.com/leap directly related the the chain stay angle?

Basically, yes. There is some adjustability afforded by the attachment system and depending upon the bike. It is largely driven by the BB drop (CS angle). The photo of the 650b+ grey and orange bike is not necessarily an accurate representation of how the Leap addition will affect geometry.

Can't you design in some "trim" to minimize this effect? Either some height adjustment between the Leap's dropout and the chassis, or allow some rotation of the Leap relative to the chainstay clamp around the axis of the bike's rear dropout?

Yup. See the replies above.

Does the Leap assume a certain BB Drop / CS angle? IE, in order to achieve a level deck, I would assume there is an angle built into the Leap to keep the geometry of the bike fairly consistent while allowing for a level deck?

You are correct. The challenge comes when you try to make one frame work for 26-29+ frames because the BB drop can vary greatly. Henry Kellogg is working on a calculator that will ultimately inform the boom tube angle.

Looks like it's been designed for a mid sized wheel (26"?) and anything smaller or larger will slope the deck aft/fore respectively? Can some "telescoping" be designed in to trim the deck level? Can't help thinking there's a smarter solution though that uses the arc of the Leap frame... have separate drop out for each wheel size (or sliding) with smaller wheels more forward and largest wheel at mid (highest) point of the arc?

Great ideas. In the intensive 4+ years of development, we explored many of these directions. With your involvement and ideas, the Leap will continue to improve over time. It turns out to be extraordinarily hard to make it affordable and adaptable to ALL bikes/ideas out of the box! However, you'll find that the Leap Base Kit is highly "hackable" and a fantastic foundation for custom alterations. For deck "slope" it is possible to lift up and clamp the V-racks in the front or rear to make minor adjustments to the deck level (fore/aft). Changing the size of one wheel will change the bike geometry in as-yet-unknown ways.

Are frames with a 130mm dropout spacing compatible?

It depends. If the O.L.D. can be increased on the wheel, it will fit (change axle, add washers). Most bikes have some ability to flex the chainstays/seatstays so 5mm shouldn't be a problem.

What is the make/model of the pictured bike?

It's a Marin Pine Mountain 1.

Will the Leap be compatible with kids safety seats, like the Yepp? 

Absolutely! Use our Yepp Kids Seat Adapters for use with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit seats.

Will the Kickback on my FreeRadical work with the Leap?

The original KickBack will fit. However, it will need some modifications to match the shape of the boom tube and its spring pins replaced with M4 bolts,